How Many Books Do I Get A Month?

You will receive 1 book each month.

When Will I Receive my book?

I send all books in the first week of the month, so expect it around the 8th.

I've Signed Up But Not Received My Book

I send books the following month you sign up. For example, if you sign up in August, you'll receive your first book at the start of September regardless if you signed up on August 1st or August 31st. This allows me to keep track of how many books I need to order each month. If you haven't received your book at the start of the month as promised, please contact me.

Is The Book Available To Pick Up In The Shop?

No. I order the amount of books for the amount of people in the group, and put the cost at £10 to cover purchasing the books myself and adding postage.

How Long Am I Commited To The Club?

As long as you wish. It works on a rolling payment, so if you want to cancel at anytime you can. Just cancel the payment in your Paypal. 

Can I Sign Up For Someone Else?

Sure! It's a great idea for a gift, just put the delivery address as theirs instead of yours in Paypal.

Is It The Same Book You Read In The Shop Book Club?

No. The Mystery Book Club is it's own entity. We host a book club at the shop each month (which you may join too if you wish! Last Thursday of the month, 7pm), but the two book clubs are seperate. We read different books.

I've Changed My Address.

Just send me an email and I'll update my records.