Christmas Time is a Magical Time

I'm sat here with Christmas music on the stereo and our window display about to be tackled. It's coming! Anyway. The shop was shut last week (mostly) as I was struck down with gastroenteritis. I'm not one to mooch off and whine so I was well and truly ill. Three days shivering and not sleeping left me rotten. I returned Saturday as we had the amazing Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker here for a sold out gig, but the day trade was also hectic, the busiest for some time. From 3 days of doing nothing to 15 hours running around hit me hard, so much so that I decided to close Sunday too. A few more days rest and I'm up to 80%, maybe 83%. We're open again anyway.

Yesterday we hosted the final Palestinian Film Night at the shop. The Coventry Friends of Palestineshowed 'Miral'. It was a very informative piece of work and I urge you to seek it out. It's got Willem Defoe in it at one point. We're also hosting our regular Retro Game Night to night with fellow Fargo Village tenantEntertainment Bro. These nights are always well attended and great fun. Tonight I think Dan is dusting off an Atari so that should be fun! Into the new year, I'm hoping to make every Thursday and Friday an 'event night'. See the event pages and social media for more up to date stuff.

On another note our Big Comfy Sessions have hit a high point with BBC Radio 2 folk award winners Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, plus the excellent Ange Hardy recently sitting on the sofa. I love doing these. I basically give them tea and ask them questions whilst Ron from Redwood Photography does all the hard work. Rich of @Mr_Spoon also does stuff but no one really knows what. On the Folk Club side you can now buy tickets for the next 5 months! Some have already been snapped up through til March so have a look who's here and pick them up. A great Christmas Present idea.

Finally, I've been asked a lot on twitter if our bookshop mugs are for order. Well now they are! We can do international shipping too. Just see the new shop HERE. There's also a new tab at the top of the website. Be back soon as promised in my last post. In the meantime, catch me at @bigcomfybooks, on facebook and please sign up to the mail list. Toodle-pip Michael.


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