Biggest news ever maybe?

I'm over the moon to say that we've won What's On Readers Award for Best Coffee shop/Cafe in Warwickshire!

Over 45 thousand people voted over several categories and out of all the places in Coventry and Warwickshire to sit and have coffee, we came out top! What's On magazine is the biggest event magazine in the Midlands, distributed all over the place from Worcester, Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry to name a few.

I had to travel to Birmingham to pick up the award and I had my photo taken with the official 'What's on' banners, and met some lovely winners from other catagories. It was all a little surreal seeing as I don't really class the shop as a cafe, rather a bookshop that serves drinks. But many, many people see it as a cafe with a nice splatter of books. I've learnt to deal with this!

In the acceptance speech (which I'm not technically savvy to add to this site, so HERE'S A LINK to it on twitter) I made comment on a possible expansion. I wanted to brief you a little more on this.

Our lovely neighbour The Astral Gypsy has relocated to the opposite side of the Fargo Market Hall. Al and Maggie are two of my favourite people at Fargo so I'm delighted that they are staying, however, this left a vacant shop next door. The guys who run Fargo approached me to see if I was interested in taking it over.

That's where we are.

Nothing has been signed but plans have been drawn up. I'd wanted to keep it really close to my chest but electricians, plumbers and Fargo staff, including me, have started to measure up, popping in and out of each unit and so, with so much activity going on, a few people mentioned things. Rather than let it all leak out with half-truths, I'm laying it out.

Again, nothing is signed.

So winning an award and expanding the shop has left me quite happy but nervous. What if I mess up the expansion? What if it doesn't go ahead anyway? How do you make a latte? Do I WANT to make a latte?

Whilst I'm on here I'd like to thank everyone who attends the gigs we do here. Every single gig so far this year except 1 has sold out, and the one that didn't only had 3 tickets left. I've just added all gigs up til August so if you ever wanted to come to one, have a look and pre-book.

Finally, winning awards, selling out gigs and generally punching above our weight is lovely, but please come and buy books as none of these pays the bills (The gig money is mostly paid to the acts).


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