We're going on an adventure.

Hello. I'm back in the shop right now typing this after 2 weeks off. I planned on coming in between Christmas and New Years and did 1 day but it was RUBBISH so closed. I have a young family and it's so important to be with them when everyone is home. Anyway, I put a message out on Facebbok and Twitter stating this and the response was HUGE. Everyone was in agreement and I was releived as, having advertised we'd be open I was worried about backlash. So thanks for understanding. Well, I'm back now, and ready to go!

Our events kick off on day one as Poetry is tonight, Comfy & Acoustic tomorrow and loads next week. Our Storytelling club has been put on hold at this time as Mick can't commit to it at this time. Hopefully we'll pick this up at some point. We do have Retro Games, Painting, extra music, author events and more to come monthly. Anyway that's the sell out the way.

Over the past week I've been looking at what the heck the shop can do gain more exposure and for me to manage my time better. I work here A LOT (it is my business but, you know, I worked every week last year. Every. Week.). I've been looking at more online substance (blog etc) and have enrolled myself on an online thingy. I'm bringing the blog back to my roots and using it more of a diary type thing, which received good comments when I started it back in 2012. I need to tell you more about me. That'll all come, but at the moment I'd like to say Happy New Year, come buy some books.


Listening to: Sweet Kind of Blue by Emily Barker

Reading: Anna Karenina by Tolstoy (still)

Watching: Star Wars (obvs)


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