Christmas time is here again! - A Big update

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I have sooo much to tell you about so let me delve straight in.

First, we've been featured on the new national Visa advert! We had photographers come in mid October and I spent an hour posing in the doorway. Here's the final shot that is being used on billboards across Coventry.

Not long after this, we received more National coverage as we were heralded as one of the best UK small music venues by The Guardian! Many thanks to regular gig-goer Karen for her lovely words. Read that HERE.

One major way the shop is evolving is we've started a new Youtube channel. You may have seen our Fireside Chats with Dom over the past few months. We've started to add poetry from our Fire & Dust nights too. But let me tell you the masterplan. Daily Videos.

Yes it's lots of work but it's work that I've discovered I really love doing. Every day I'll be adding new videos. The general plan is Monday will be book reviews (with a twist), Tuesday is continuing the Fireside Chats, Wednesday is Fire & Dust Poetry, Thursday will be music from our Comfy & Acoustic shows and Friday will be a general vlog. To do this I've decided to set up a Patreon.

Patreon is a way of supporting the creative industry in a sort of monthly wage. You can join for just $1 a month which will get your name on every video I create. This goes straight towards the time it takes to create all these videos! Please have a look at my Patreon site at You can also get early access and exclusive videos too! I'll be updating any important news there first too. Every penny (or dollar!) really helps.

Have a look at our YouTube channel and consider subscribing too.

Alongside the videos, you may have seen regular blogs here from Amy. Every Tuesday we aim to have a new blog, usually a top 5. Amy is a great writer herself and blogs over at Writing Into The Ether and someone who I met through the shop, and has ended up running our Harry Potter discussion group. Finally all these videos I plan to do a wrap up blog every weekend.

It's all a work-in-progress at the minute as family, Christmas, illness and 'life' still continues too.

Our subscription book service is changing too. We no longer offer the previous version I launched in January. It's been a great learning curve on how to run one, so I've adjusted it to this: I'll be handpicking 1 book a month and sending it out to our subscribers, kind of like a mystery book-club. If enough join then we can open our private Facebook group and discuss the book there. It costs £10 a month and this covers the cost of the book, postage and inclusion into the Facebook group. It also covers all the time it takes to do this. Again, last year was great but I seriously underestimated the amount of time it would take to write, wrap and send 50+ books, all different shapes and sizes. 45 minutes stood at the Post office counter a month wasn't fun!

This is coming soon! Hopefully within the next week. those already signed up for the previous scheme will get an email soon, and if you're an anual member, your subscription will continue as snormal til it runs out.

As for events we're continuing on into 2019 as we've ended 2018. We have 3 discussion groups that meet on Saturday. If you love Tolkien and Lord of the Rings then head on down here every 2nd Saturday at 3pm as our group are currently reading through The Two Towers, and discussiing it's themes and language (along with the odd sword being brought in!). On the third Saturday of the month Muggles descend upon the shop as our Harry Potter group : Muggle Musings comes to the shop from 3pm (This is 16+ only). On the Fourth Saturday Marta discusses Fairytales and their evolution, with a specific book and tale each month. All these are free. As for music, our Jan-Apr season can be seen HERE. Prebook to avoid missing out!

Finally our hours have changed due to family work. Ali has unfortunatly had to take time off as she has been working with a broken wrist for months and has selfishly decided to fix it. At the exact same time, my wifes work has been taking her the length and breadth of the country, leaving my children with me. Eve has been brilliant working well over her allocated time, and she doesn't know it yet, but she's only getting paid in used books. Don't tell her.

We currently are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We close for Christmas on Sunday December 23rd and reopen on January 3rd.

Well that's it. Thanks for the continued support. As it's Christmas, please consider buying a book (from us) for someone. If you can, consider becoming a Patreon.

Merry Christmas


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