Our New Youtube channel is Live!

I've only gone and started a new Youtube channel!

Initially I decided to do 3 videos a week, then realised THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE with a shop and three kids, so rolled it back to one a week. I've been carrying a camera round and filmed loads of stuff and will be posting a vlog probably fortnightly.

I got talking to Dom about filming stuff and he wanted in on the action, so together we worked an idea of a weekly 'show' featuring super-interesting-facts-about-something, which has turned into the show-and-tell that is The Fireside Chats. I'll be releasing one a week every Tuesday, with the Vlogs coming on Friday.

Please SUBSCRIBE here

The first TWO Fireside Chats are below!

Please subscribe to the new channel and share, share, share! It's the first time I've ever recorded and I'm learning all the time, but you've got to just jump in and do it don't you? (side note: Huge thanks to Jonathan for lending me a camera! and Elizabeth for the inspiration)

I hope you enjoy and THANK YOU


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