Happy New Year To All

Hello! I'm back in the shop. I've just spent a few hours with a broom not knowing how it works but the shop looks neater. Ali took the decorations down on Tuesday so I didn't have to walk into that mess. I hope you had a great festive time. I 'turned off' for the entire period and am only now looking at emails. There are lots. Lots and lots and lots. So obviously, I'm carrying on tidying and then writing blogs and stuff. So what's in store for the shop this year? Firstly our events are being even more streamlined. We'll only be holding them on Thursday and Fridays. Here's how it looks... 1st Thursday of the month Fire and Dust Poetry 1st Friday of the month Big Comfy Folk Club 2nd Thursday otm Retro Game Night 2nd Friday otm Board Game Night (excited about this!) 3rd Thursday otm Comfy Film Night 3rd Friday otm Big Comfy Folk Club 4th Thursday otm New Book club 4th Friday otm open for Fago Roller Disco. These are all in the diary for the year. Some are new, some are re-jigged, some are the same. I'm really excited about the Board Game Night. When setting up the shop I always wanted one but had no one to run it unless we played Cluedo every month. Tea and Tabletop are a new Coventry company who show and sell some amazing boar games both classic and unknown. I started to love board games after watching Tabletop with Wil Wheaton and am sucked into it so I'm excited to play some new ones! The film club is back too. Although we scheduled 4 films to show last Autumn, we didnt show any due to both personal reasons and just lack of drive. Well I'm jumping on board once more and will screen at least 3 (once a month) then see how it is. The 1st is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Jan 21st. I'd love for someone to design a poster if you can! Our Retro Game Night and Folk Club are in the mix too with not much change. I'm always looking for other one off things though if you fancy running something. Also, the room is now for hire, so if you'd like it for your own party or conference or medieval jousting contest then we can talk. We're also starting a book club in the shop. Lots have asked so I'm delivering, like a belated literary Santa. I'm going to attempt to add all the events onto the event page now. Attempt. Once more, may your year be filled with love and literature. Michael