Harry Potter, Broken Arms & Games!

Hello there! First off thanks so much for a brilliant Harry Potter Book Night! We had over 200 (TWO HUNDRED!) people through the door. We cast spells, got sorted into houses, made a huge mess and had a great time.

We also saw Mark Harrison, Adrian Roye and Hannah Woof play our Folk Club on Friday, with a near capacity (4 tickets left!) room. Thanks to Hannah for stepping in at last minute due to Charlie Leavy breaking her arm! Ouch. (Charlie has been rebooked later in the year). Beforehand we filmed our 50th Big Comfy Session with Adrian. You can see the previous 49 (and subscribe) at www.bigcomfysessions.com.

Hannah Woof

Hannah Woof

Adrian Roye

Mark Harrison.

So onto this week. This week is 'Gaming' week as we host our Retro Game Night and Board Game Night on Thursday 11th Feb and Friday 12th. On Thursday Dan from Entertainment Bros fills the shop with Nintendo and Sega classics for you to play for free. There will be an exclusive sale on at Entertainment Bros on the night too. Come on down from 6pm. The bar is open! On Friday we host our 2nd Board Game Night. The first last month was a huge success. We ended up bringing more tables and chairs in throughout the evening! There are 100 or so games on offer from the basic to the completely insane. If you're not too sure how to play or what to play then there is expert advice on offer from Rob who runs Tea and Tabletop. Again, bar open! No other food or drink can be brought in I'm afraid as then I wouldn't be open! Ha!

Just a smidgen of games on offer.

You can see our future events on the event tab at the top. A quick heads up that we have Dennis Carey here on Feb 20th launching his new book An Untilled Field! This will be a really packed event so turn up early. He's here from 2pm. Be sure to Like and Follow on social media. Til next time Michael :)