The Big Comfy Folk Club

Our gigs are very popular but I run all the aspects of the shop from the bar to the books to even the sound desk, so I've decided to scale back and only have 2 gigs a month. Because of this I've decided to create The Big Comfy Folk Club! The Folk Club will consist of 3 acts, at least one being local, and showcase the best of the folk and acoustic music world. Already booked in are several Radio 2 Folk winners alongside fantastic up and coming local and national, and even international acts! The club will happen on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, with a few exceptions. Some gigs were already booked in and so I've kept as many as I can that work in the time frame and those I've had to cancel I've done my best to sort the acts onto the new bill. Tickets will be £5 per gig, of which 90% goes to the acts. We are however starting a membership scheme. Pay £25 for the year and you'll be able to get into the events for just £2 plus have advance ticket sales for bigger gigs. If you attend all the events that saves you nearly £50! If you are a Facebook person, please add yourself to the new Folk Club group HERE as this is where the information will be added on a regular basis, and you can take a quick glance at our upcoming schedule. If you're not on Facebook then all our gigs are on our Events page HERE. I've also added a dedicated Folk Club page HERE. Tickets can be purchased directly from the shop or bought online Here. If you're interested in the membership then please pop in or send me an email at Michael