The Big Comfy Literature Festival

Big Comfy Lit Fest Save The Date

There's been a lot of excitement about our recent announcement about The Big Comfy Literature Festival. I don't blame you, I'm excited too! Well it's been a couple of weeks of teasing, so I figure it's about time we let you know the dates so you can keep your calendar clear, because you don't wanna miss out on the best literature festival ever just because your cousin's great aunt's dog is coming to visit, do you? So get your calendars and diaries at the ready!

The Big Comfy Literature Festival is on 9th-11th September

That's right, we decided a literature festival is too awesome to confine to just one day, so we've decided to make it a whole weekend, beginning with our first headliner on the evening of Friday the 9th.

Now, we're not gonna tell you WHO that headliner is just yet, or who any of the other headliners are, because we've got some fun competitions lined up for you to figure it out. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Instagram, and The Big Comfy Literature Festival Facebook event for competitions, news, and all other kinds of awesome lit fest stuff.

If you want to join the conversation about the festival, tweet us @BigComfyBooks with the hashtag #BigComfyLitFest and we'll find you!

Get Involved

We're in talks with lots of authors, groups, and creators who are all getting involved to make the festival great fun, but we want to hear from more!

So if you're a writer, an artist, a crafter or you sell books and you want to get involved with festival, email me at We still have a few spaces left so be quick!