The Big Comfy Bookshop: Your Ultimate Nerd Hide-Out

Life can be hectic; we all know it’s true. Sometimes you just need to escape it all and create a calm atmosphere for yourself. A place that can be both vibrant and cheerful, but peaceful all at once and sometimes that’s just not possible at home. That’s why I am so glad I found The Big Comfy Bookshop.

I first started to visit Fargo Village when it opened 3 years ago and since then the bookshop has provided me with a haven from the outside world! Whether it’s just for a chat and a cup of tea with the staff, buying a cheeky book to cram into my overflowing bookshelves, or for a planned event.

They host brilliant events for our nerd community (and the normals too). The Big Comfy Book Club and Tolkien Talks, where I have met so many like-minded people, continue to be two of my favourite events every month. Not only this, but next year there wil be a Harry Potter discussion group hosted by yours truly- be still, my beating heart!

It’s important to find a place you can hang (hide) out when you’re a geek. Sometimes you just need to find some people in your niche and surround yourself with them. Retro Games Nights and Geek Quizzes that have been hosted each month are the perfect places to meet your fellow Potterheads, Whovians and Trekkies.

Their cakes are super tasty and they now do food so you don’t really ever have to leave. Not only this though… They have BOOKS here. That are for SALE. What the heck are you waiting for?

I’ll see you there.


Amy is the owner of the blog Writing Into The Ether and also the chairperson for our Harry Potter Discussion Group.